2jewels is an Italian silver and steel jewelry brand created in Milan in 2006 and positioning itself as a manufacturer with original and refined designs.


    Argyor is a jewelry manufacturer brand since 1954 that has specialized in classic or modern style wedding bands in 18 or 9 karat gold and sterling silver.


    Style Aristos is a silver and steel jewelry brand founded in Asturias in the 90s and sold throughout the national territory.


    Calypso is a Spanish watch brand belonging to the Festina group (Lotus, Festina, Candino, Jaguar ...) characterized by its youthful, colorful and modern designs at very competitive prices.


    Casio is the pioneer brand in the digital watch, having been at the forefront of this type of watch ever since thanks to its toughness, reliability and good price, in addition to all the ingenious functions that its models incorporate.


    Festina is a watch brand founded in 1902 in Switzerland and currently belonging to the Festina Group (Lotus, Festina, Candino, Jaguar, Perrelet ...).


    Finor is a Spanish brand that has stood out for its collections of jewelry for lovers, mothers, first communion ...


    The Guess brand emerged in 1981 as an elegant and youthful clothing line. In the 90s they created their watchmaking section that continues with that trend that has been marked until then.


    La Perionda is a jewelry brand in sterling silver, 925 thousandths, created in the province of Palencia.


    Lotus is a Spanish watch brand founded in 1980 and belonging to the Festina Group that can be considered one of the most important commercially in our country.


    Marea is a watch brand founded in 1998 that in its sample offers inexpensive watches of proven quality and always setting the latest fashion trends.


    Mark Maddox is a brand of recent creation, 2012, which belongs to the Munreco group (Viceroy and Sandoz) and which arose with the idea of ​​making a modern, casual and youth watch.


    Máximo Betro is a Valencian jewelry brand in sterling silver that has been able to expand and promote its designs internationally.


    Peña joyeros is a sterling gold jewelry brand founded more than 50 years ago in the province of Zaragoza.

  • SAMI

    Sami is a registered trademark throughout Europe and has its own design team, focused on designer watches and portable audio.

  • SARS

    SARS is a company dedicated to the own manufacture of decorative clocks since 1943 of high quality in its furniture as well as in its accessories and machinery.


    Seiko is a Japanese watch brand founded in 1881. Since the mid-20th century it has stood out for the quality, reliability and innovation of its watches.


    The Time Force watch brand was founded in Switzerland in 1991 creating quality watches at very competitive prices.


    Valenti is an Italian brand of gift items with 925 sterling silver finishes.


    Il marchio di orologeria Viceroy è stato fondato nel 1951 in Svizzera, è stato acquisito nel 1982 dal Munreco Group e si è posizionato come uno dei marchi di riferimento dell'orologeria commerciale spagnola.